Narration and use of human voices are quite the recipe to make online learners more interested and emotionally connected with the webinar.
Fortunately, there is great abundance in narration and voice-over professionals out there. However, the cost keeps rising if you decide to hire a professional.
  • You have to spend time searching for the right voiceover guy on freelancing sites.
  • You waste hundreds of hours recording your own voice scripts with expensive studio equipment.
  • You end up wasting valuable resources on a poor quality voiceover service that does not match your needs.
Moreover, even after spending valuable time and money:
  • You get boring robotic voices
  • You don’t get the ability to store and redistribute speech.
  • You don’t get access to all world languages. Only limited no. of language choice is available.
  • You don’t get multiple speech voices in one podcast.
  • You don’t get the ability to control the volume of the original video
  • And You have to wait for 24 hours or maybe more to get the work done.
Gone are the days when you had to spend time and money with headaches looking for the correct voiceover professional.
Text to Speech technology has gained a lot of traction in recent times. With the advances in speech to text technology you can now create great sounding media in mere minutes.
This is why we are here with PrimeMeet VoiceMaker.
Just grab it and see how you reduce cost and save time and effort that you can use wisely for your other business operations.
With PrimeMeet VoiceMaker, You can
  • Create various media content such as audio books, podcasts, voice contents in over 70+ Languages and over 630+ Different Voices and Accents
  • Store & redistribute speech
  • Near Real-time text synthesize
  • Customize & control speech output
  • Optimize Your Streaming Audio
  • Adjust Speaking Styles (For Neural Voices)
  • Adjust Speech Rate, Pitch, and Loudness
  • Adjust Speaking Emphasis
  • Pronounce digits/dates/words/ abbreviations properly
  • Add work/phrase replacement effect
  • Mute/Beep Out any part of text/sentence
  • Fast render. No waiting queue.
And you can create as many podcasts, audio books, ecourses as you want… all for just one tiny investment.
Our PrimeMeet Voicemaker upgrade also eliminates the need to pay a professional while tackling cases of visually impaired online learners or online learners with various other learning disabilities.
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With this software in your possession, there is no more need to pay hefty monthly fees to voiceover professionals or other robotic voiceover softwares.
For this price, you won’t find anything else like this out there.
And in just a few moments, you’ll be able to create your first podcast and experience the profit potential they have to offer.
  • Scripts keep on changing from time to time and professional narrators are generally paid by the minute with a minimum number of minutes per session. Each time there is a script change and you must return to the narrator for an update, it will cost you.
  • Clients like TTS voices when they hear them. Certainly, using TTS leads to lower costs and easier updates in the future.
  • They sound better than in the past, and much better than those built into our operating systems.
  • Even modern operating systems like Mac and windows use TTS for e-learning modules.
And our PrimeMeet Voicemaker will be your best option whenever
  • You are working with presentations that need to be updated often. With our Voicemaker, updating the voiceover for a presentation is as easy as editing text.
  • You are working on multilingual script. Getting good speakers will be very expensive. Hence, with ur software , we only need to get our text translated in the target languages, which is a much easier task.
  • You need to be able to publish quickly and 24/7.
  • You need to publish large scripts. Voicemaker will be able to work faster than real-time, meaning that we can produce several hours of audio in just few minutes.
  • You want to use several voice characters in your audio. With Voicemaker using several voices is as easy as using only one voice.
Now, save hours adding voiceovers
There are Over 70+ languages and 630+ voice accents to choose from!
English isn’t the only popular language today. That’s why we’ve made sure to include multiple languages and accents inside of Voicemaker. This way you can create audio in some of the most popular languages and speaking styles today without missing a beat.
Premium Support!
With PrimeMeet Pro, you will get super support services from our end. Your support request will be resolved quickly as you’ll unlock premium support.
Adjust Speaking style, Speech rate, Pitch and Loudness:
With our software, you can choose ideal voice from various languages and distrubute it to various countries. We provide neural Text To Speech voices for better real life voice quality.
Customize and control speech output:
Imagine being able to work with super ease now with this feature. The feature enables a Video and Audio Indicator with flip timer. You can easily keep track of time and manage things.
As the name goes, you can customize the voice response through SSML tags and lexicons supported by text to speech API which helps to control speech aspects.
Customize Lexicons:
Pronunciations can be modified by owrds, foreign words, acronyms, company names and more. You have to add an XML file with lexical entries to customise the pronunciations.
Optimize your streaming Audio
We support different audio formats to stream with all kinds of data in real-time. It helps you to select various rates of sample to optimize audio quality and bandwidth.
Near Real-time text synthesize
You can produce audio in near real-time, with relatively little latency in most cases.
  • Add work/phrase replacement effect
  • Mute/Beep Out any part of text/sentence
Now that you have the latest grounbreaking technology, you get access to everything that is already done for you.
You can easily attract and please your clients with any effort from your end!
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