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This feature enables you to run webinars, live conferences and video meetings straight to your customers’ phones. You can also start a video stream from your phone and run it with your phone’s front camera and microphone to deliver your presentation.
This feature is powerful as it enables you to reach more number of people and help you target wider audience on the phone. Wow! You have just enabled push-button traffic on complete autopilot when millions of people can access your streams.
Further, it can also be used to connect with family members, clients or business partners.
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pro-features-count-1Private Off-Server Cloud Storage
With PrimeMeet Enterprise, you will get your own private off-server cloud storage for storing your meeting recordings and videos. You can also upload files and access them from anywhere even from phone.
This server is separate from PrimeMeet, so you can easily backup webinars and store data. There is no risk of it going down.
pro-features-count-1Whiteboards & Streaming
Now you can enrich your webinars with interactive whiteboard streamings.
Yes! You can present your ideas using a whiteboard during a live stream. The whiteboard feature can help you engage students and interact with your audience. Further, it can ake your online presentation more interesting by drawing graphs and making notes.
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